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What are Mabroom Dates?

Dates are considered the oldest cultivated fruit in the world with fossil evidence indicating that the fruit goes back at least 50 million years ago. The scientific name of the fruit phoenix dactylifera comes from ancient Greece. All types of dates are typically sweet, nutritious, and soft. These delicious fruits grow in countries in the Middle East and North Africa as the hot climate is the most suitable conditions under which they thrive. 

There are several unique varieties of dates that exist around the world owing to different geographical conditions and other specific variables. Some are soft and light brown while also being extremely sweet. Other varieties of the stone fruit have a sticky fixture and are nutty in taste with an appearance that ranges from amber to dark brown. Dates can also be found as fresh or in their dried form with the dried variety of the fruit being popular for its nutritional goodness and various health benefits but fresh dates have a longer shelf life.

Different types of dates can vary in length depending on their growing and harvesting conditions. Typically they are 3 – 7 cm in length. The sweetness from these highly procured fruits is due to the fact they contain up to 75% sugar when they are dried.

The date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera) is one of the species in the Phonenix genus which contains more than 12 species of wild palms. There are thousands of different date varieties, with the Mabroom date being one of the most popular date variants in the world. Buy Mabroom dates from reputed vendors to get the highest quality variant available.

Mabroom date is a delicious variety of soft dry dates that are typically grown in Saudi Arabia. These long dates have brown wrinkly skin without any flakiness. The Mabroom dates are similar in texture and taste to Ajwa dates. The Mabroom variety is different from its counterparts in that it is not as sweet when compared to the other sweet juicy dates and has a firmer chewy flesh. Buy Mabroom dates to procure a sweet and healthy snack.

Consuming Mabroom dates is perfect for someone who enjoys eating dates but doesn’t enjoy its intense sweet flavor. They are a great choice as they are only mildly sweet and their flavor isn’t as intense as the other varieties of dates such as the Medjool variety or the Deglet Nour varieties. This variety of dates also ripens on the palms and is harvested when they have completely dried while the harvesting method is different for other varieties of dates.

A recognizable feature of this type of date is that they have a long oblong shape. These Mabroom dates are harvested in their dried state and therefore have a very long shelf life. Mabroom dates are considered as being a premium date variety and are usually more expensive than other varieties of dates.  It’s also recommended to enjoy them at room temperature, not straight out of the fridge. Buy Mabroom dates and store them in the appropriate conditions to derive the best use out of them.

Many people compare Mabroom dates with Khudri dates, but this variety is longer and smaller in size. Mabroom dates have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are known to prevent cancer from developing. Their high sugar content also helps in reducing stress and anxiety when consumed regularly. They are also a rich source of antioxidants that can repair damage due to free radicals. Consuming them can lead to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles over the long term. Eating Mabroom dates can help you retain your skin’s elasticity making it look radiant and healthy. So buy Mabroom dates to attain its several medicinal benefits. 

DatesMaking a brew out of Mabroom dates can also help the body in preserving and protecting against threats that impact our cardiovascular system. When reduced to its liquid form, the brew is concentrated and is full of iron and other minerals that can help improve heart health. It is best to consume Mabroom dates in their liquid form a few hours before going to sleep. This is because the brew can help a person relax and achieve a more fulfilling sleep cycle. Mabroom dates are incredibly useful in raising blood sugar levels, increasing vitamin and mineral intake while increasing fiber intake and lower triglycerides.

So buy Mabroom dates because these dates offer great value for money due to their unique flavor and valuable medicinal advantages. Make sure that you buy Mabroom dates in the right quantity so that you can use them for your ideal purpose without the worry of it ever running out.


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