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Green Tea Leaves

5 Interesting things you didn’t know about Green tea

Green Tea is one of the most popular and valuable variants of tea existing in the world today. The plant from which Green Tea is harvested has the scientific classification “Camellia sinensis”. Green tea is typically made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The practice of brewing and making green tea is believed to have originated in China. The most popular locations for the plant in China are Tai Mo Shan and Sunset Peak in Hong Kong.


Green tea is considered one of the world’s healthiest beverages. White tea, green tea, oolong tea, dark tea, and black tea are all harvested from the same plant but the process varies to attain a specific variant of tea. They are processed differently to fluctuating levels of oxidation. Green tea is the sort of tea that has undergone little oxidation while it was processed. Buy green tea from reputed vendors online or offline to guarantee high-quality green tea for your daily needs. Let us look at some of the interesting things you may not have known about green tea.


1.Green Tea is not Always Green in Colour


Green tea gets its name due to the natural green colour of the leaves in the plant that is produced for green tea. The mild green tint of the tea while brewing also further lends its credibility in naming it green tea. While it is true that some variants of green tea can appear to be bright green after they are brewed, most variants of green teas look mild or moderate yellow when brewed correctly. Unique variants such as the Japanese sencha do appear to be bright green when they are brewed perfectly but most green teas are not meant to be green because it’s not exactly green when it is brewed. So the next time you buy green tea and brew it correctly, do not worry if it’s not bright green as it is not meant to be green when brewed well.

Green Tea

2.The Unique History of Green Tea


Green tea has a rich and unique history with its consumption and origin. Almost 5000 years ago in ancient China, Emperor Shen Nung was the one believed to have discovered Green tea in 2737 BC. The history of tea spans back to this period in ancient China. It was said that outside his palace chambers, a few leaves from a tree dropped into his pot of boiling water. The emperor didn’t notice this as there was no change in its colour. Legend has it that the emperor drank the brew and was immediately amazed by its flavour and refreshing effect. Thus a new beverage was born and eventually introduced to the rest of the world. Green tea was then introduced and made available to the highest-ranking members of Chinese society. Green tea was intentionally made very expensive to purchase so that the common people couldn’t access it and it was seen as an item representing the status quo in ancient China. It was not until the 14th century that green tea became accessible to the general public for medicinal and recreational purposes. China produces around 80.8 % of the world’s green tea supply and they are also the leaders in the export of green tea with around 83% of the crop being exported to other countries around the world. So when you buy green tea it is likely that the leaves were authentically produced in China.


3.Its Flavour Differs from Region to Region


Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world and only ranks below water for the most consumed beverage. However, only 20 percent of the tea being drunk is green. The flavours of the green tea change from region to region with more authentic bitter flavoured green teas coming from Japan, peachy and artificially flavoured teas from China, and gunpowder flavours coming from Taiwan. India is also home to several green tea blends from the finest tea estates across the country due to its varying geographical factors. When you buy green tea you are indulging in one of the most historically rich beverages in existence in today’s world.

Green Tea Leaves

4.The Processing is Minimal


Green teas are fresh leaves that undergo very little processing. They do not undergo the oxidation process that is a staple throughout other types of teas. The green tea leaves after being plucked are allowed to wither for a few hours in a day. They are then panned or steamed to remove the moisture content and trap the antioxidants within the leaves themselves. When you buy green tea online or offline make sure that you are getting authentic green tea leaves so that you can use the most out of it. A low-quality tea should be steeped (or brewed) for a maximum of three minutes, whereas a high-quality tea should be steeped for a minimum of thirty seconds. Generally, if you buy green tea which is of low quality, make sure to brew it for a maximum of three minutes. If you buy green tea which is of high quality make sure to brew it for a minimum of thirty seconds.


5.The Various Health Benefits


Green tea has tons of antioxidants, nutrients, and alkaloids which have positive effects on overall health. Green tea is host to several vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and B- complex vitamins. Buy green tea and brew it to also attain healthy minerals such as zinc, potassium, manganese, selenium, sodium, and chromium. Green tea is also very helpful in improving brain functions and mental performance. They also help in lowering the risk of high blood pressure and type II diabetes. It contributes to stabilizing blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health, and dental health. It also aids in weight loss and keeps the bones in your body healthy. When you buy green tea make sure to consume it in moderation to avail its various medicinal benefits.




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